Sector Case Studies - Industrial


 Work is underway on the new £100+million Energy from Waste Plant at La Collette, Jersey.


Amplus designed and installed 350nr foundation piles in 2009/2010 for the civils contractor, SBC Ltd; a joint venture of local building firm, Camerons Ltd, and French contractor, Spie Batignolles TPCI.


The foundation piles included vertical piles carrying compression loads from 400kN to 1200kN and raking piles carrying compression loads of upto 1000kN and tension loads of upto 240kN.


Amplus proposed to install mini-piles using a drilled ODEX system of piling.  This involved installing a permanent 250mm diameter thin wall casing from ground level to rock head level with the rock socket drilled at 220mm diameter using a down-the-hole hammer.  Following completion of the drilling the pile was grouted and reinforcement installed.  Pile lengths varied from 6m to 15m long.


The pile reinforcement comprised a full length circular hollow section (CHS) which was designed to support the full working load of the pile without contribution from the grout column.  For compression piles, the transfer of load into the pile cap is by way of a bearing plate.  Where piles were required to carry tension loads, additional pile reinforcement was included to allow a tension connection to the pile cap.  For relatively small tension loads, the additional reinforcement comprises a single central bar, anchored into the cap by a full anchorage bond length.  For larger tension loads, the central bar will be a high strength, threaded, pre-stressing bar, which can be provided with a nut and bearing plate to transfer load in bearing to the concrete in the cap.





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The New Bus Workshop was designed and built by A C Mauger and opened at La Collette in 2002 for the States of Jersey Planning & Environment Department.

Amplus installed 66nr 10m long, 250mm diameter, permanently cased rock socketted mini-piles with a compressive load of 600kN and tension load capacity of 130kN through reclaimed land in two and a half weeks using both a TD610 and Casagrande C6 crawler mounted pilimg rigs.