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 Amplus offers a comprehensive range of piling systems aimed at supplying the most appropriate and cost-effective type of pile for a particular site condition.  All piles are installed by fully experienced operators trained to BDA and CITB guidelines.


Piles can be installed with or without casing, using auger, rotary percussive or driven methods to cater for most ground conditions.




Continuous Flight Auger  (CFA)                              

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CFA pile diameter (mm)

Typical safe working load (kN)


300 - 400


750 - 850


1100 - 1500

The Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling system provides a quiet low vibration form of piling that is ideal for providing foundation support in built-up or environmentally sensitive areas.

Amplus's CFA rigs can construct piles in most soils including clay, silt, sand and gravel in high water tables without the need for temporary support systems.

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Rotary Percussive Bored Piles

Amplus rigs can install piles  through different soils, obstructions and forming substantial rock sockets using down-the-hole hammer systems. 

These piles are available in diameters of up to 250mm and in appropriate rock conditions can provide safe working loads upto 750kN. 

Segmental Flight Auger Piles (SFA)

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Amplus offers a range of high capacity small diameter drilled and bored pile systems including SFA purposely designed to tackle difficult ground conditions and working in limited space and low headrooms.

Compact and powerful hydraulically powered piling rigs such as the TD308 and TD610, can install piles in virtually any location. 

Amplus can drill SFA piles in diameters of up to 450mm and  in appropriate soil conditions can provide safe working loads in excess of 1000kN. Widely used for refurbishment of buildings, SFA piles are utilised for upgrading of existing foundations by stitch drilling or underpinning and for the provision of retention schemes, i.e. basement walls within limited access and headroom.


The system operates with very low levels of noise or vibration and is highly suited to built up urban environments. Piles can be constructed in headroom as low as 2.1 metres.

The pile shafts are constructed from cement-based grouts with cage, bar or other reinforcement appropriate to the application.


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Constant monitoring is essential to the success of the CFA system.

Amplus has in-cab instrumentation that allows the monitoring of the movement and position of the auger digging head as well as the rate of flow, amount and pressure of concrete delivered during formation of the pile shaft.

The information is stored on the in-board computer which can be programmed and interrogated remotely from the head office providing a permanent record of each pile constructed and full assurance  of quality.



The reinforcement cage has to withstand the rigours of placement through the recently pumped high slump concrete.

The CFA  Foundation Piles are generally reinforced with a rigid four or six bar 4 or 5 metre long cage. Full length cages are employed in embedded wall piles and as and when required by the design.

Concrete cover is afforded to the reinforcement by the effective use of spacers clipped onto the main bars.

Pile Testing

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