What countries do you operate in?


Based in Jersey, Amplus works throughout the Channel Isles and UK

What size of contract do you carry out?

We are interested in carrying out contracts over a wide range in values from £1000 to £1,000,000+


What piling, ground engineering and other techniques do you carry out?


  • Bored piles 
  • Displacement auger piles
  • CFA piles
  • Mini piles
  • Contiguous pile walls
  • Secant pile walls
  • King post pile walls
  • Soil mixing
  • Ground anchors
  • Soil nailing
  • Energy piles
  • Pile load testing
  • Noise vibrations, gas monitoring


What are the pile diameters and maximum depths for each piling techniques?

  • Bored piles: 450 to 1500 dia/30m depth
  • Displacement auger piles: 350mm dia/20m depth
  • CFA piles: 350 to 800mm dia/25m depth
  • Mini piles: 150 to 450mm dia/30m depth


What types of retaining wall construction do you offer?


Contiguous bored pile walls, interlocking secant pile walls (hard/soft, hard/firm, hard/hard), king post pile walls and anchored retaining walls.


What testing capability can the company offer?

Static maintained, dynamic, rapid and bi-directional pile load testing are all available using sonic echo, transient dynamic, response and sonic coring methods.  Testing of existing piles for pile re-use has been done.


How large/heavy are the piling rigs?


These vary from rig to rig.  Track pressures for working platform design may be included in our tender.  Rig dimensions are available upon request.


What is the maximum available load?


Depends on a number of variables.  For piles this would include concrete grade, reinforcement, diameter, characteristics of the ground, performance criteria and factor of safety. 


How close physically can piles be constructed to adjacent structures?


We can generally operate with the rig within 1000mm from centre of pile to any structure, and 1500mm at corner positions.  Also these distances may need to be increased for bored piles where sectional casings are being used.


What is the minimum headroom requirement necessary to carry out piling operations?


  • Bored piles - 25m
  • Displacement auger piles - 25m
  • CFA piles - 5m - 25m
  • Mini piles - 2.2m 

Consideration may be given to modifying equipment to meet more demanding criteria.  Restricting headroom generally lowers the production achievable and increases the cost.


What are the lead in times for various disciplines?


We usually require a minimum of 2 weeks, but each case will be considered individually depending on its requirements and rig utilisation at that particular time.


How quickly can you provide a tender?


Depending on the quality of information provided and the complexity of the project, we can usually respond within 1 week.


What information do you require in order to submit a firm quotation?


Full factual and interpretative site investigation reports, site location plan, pile/column layout, loadings and specification.

What level of insurance cover do you provide?


We have a comprehensive package of insurance covering including:


·       Public Liability

·       Contractors All risks

·       Professional Indemnity


A letter confirming details of cover is available on each policy.


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