Services - Design



The integration of design and construction is the key to the success of any project.  Amplus encourages early involvement in projects to engender an interactive approach to the whole construction process.  The introduction of our specialist skills and expertise into the professional team will help to identify risk and maximise the opportunities for innovation, value engineering and buildability.


Our design experience, depth of knowledge and resources are extensive.  We are able to give comprehensive advice and provide a full design capability from our office, taking advantage of our local geotechnical expertise. 


Desk Studies


Since 1999 Amplus has electronically stored hundreds of site investigation reports and pile test results.


These reports are used to supplement the supplied geotechnical information, and our experience, to give our Clients the most appropriate and economic foundation solutions.


Detailed Design


Amplus designs all forms of bored and driven piles, and embedded wall, including contiguous and secant pile walls. 


Geotechnical design capability also includes slope stability analysis.  In addition, where appropriate, the structural design of ground beams, pile caps, piled rafts and props can also be offered.